I honestly love riddles. Riddles are mind teasers. They make the mind work in so many ways. Its amazing how riddles help you get better at using your brain. They make you feel invincible. Like you can do anything with your mind/brain. Even though I love riddles, I still find most of them hard. Here […]

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Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are animals that have been with mankind for a long time, and dogs truly are man’s best friend, because no matter how much someone might abuse a dog, the dog will still give us another chance.  look at this : Rudy – Beaten and abused dog saved from death  insider.com See an abused pitbull’s dramatic post-adoption transformation .. eliteread […]

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The Grand Canyon’s great views;

The Grand Canyon History ; From history about The Grand Canyon, we learn that The Grand Canyon was once a place filled with water. The proof of that theory is the water line\lines .  Then over time the water evaporated , and became what we know it to be today : The Grand Canyon. Today The Grand Canyon is […]

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The Journey Begins here

Best Places to Visit During Fall :        Some of us live in cold places ( which might not always be pleasant all year round ), so we would like to visit a place that is warm for a change. So here are a few places that are warm during fall. Orlando FL, […]

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